Looking for a property to rent ?

SkyRent allows tenants to browse and filter thousands of listings via a
range of criteria, digitally set up viewing appointments and submit
rental offers in real-time, sign a lease and pay rent securely.
How It Works ?
1 Find a Property Browse listings, searching
our vast database using a
variety of criteria.
2 Register Become a registered
renter, completing the
necessary pre-screening
3 Book a Viewing Set up an appointment
from the calendar to view
your preferred property.
4 Submit an Offer Create and submit an offer
to rent directly to the
landlord, who will respond
to you within 48 hours.
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Renter Benefits:
Search with Advanced Filter
Filter thousands of available rental properties using a variety of criteria such as rental amount, unit size, number of bedrooms, smoking allowed and pet-friendly units.
Book a Viewing
Set up viewing appointments.
Secure Desired Property Easily
Complete the pre-qualification process, helping you secure a desired property quickly on hot markets. And use SkyRent's Credit Assessment tool to increase your chance of getting the place.
Seamless Transaction
Submit a real-time rental offer and get a response within 48 hours. Pay your first deposit online using a credit card or debit card. Also take advantage of SkyRent's cost-effective tenant insurance and Internet Service.
Landlord Benefits:
List Available Properties Easily
Upload photos and property details via our secure portal. Also set windows of time for viewing appointments that suit your availability.
Meet Qualified Renters
Meet with qualified potential renters who have completed the pre-screening process.
Accept Offers Easily
Receive real-time offers, along with verified rental history and the SkyRent Credit Assessment on applicants. Accept offers or make counter-proposals at your discretion.
When you rent through SkyRent, you get access to great offers from our partner, such as discounts, free bonuses and special terms.
Our list of partners is growing and includes:
Goodlife Fitness
Enjoy one month free and a reduced monthly rate
Discounts on wireless and internet services
Hub International
Provides the lowest tenant insurance rates on the market
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SkyRent is Canada’s first online rental property marketplace that allows prospective tenants to not only browse and filter thousands of listings via a range of criteria, but also set up viewing appointments and submit rental offers in real-time. Whether you’re a property owner looking to promote your listings or a renter searching for your ideal rental, SkyRent makes the process fast, easy, secure and reliable.
Suite 200, 60 Atlantic Avenue
Toronto, Ontario, M6K 1X9